6.S063 Design for the Web: Languages and User Interfaces


This schedule is subject to radical change. Spring 2023 is only the third time this class is being offered, so we may need to make significant adjustments to the schedule depending on a variety of factors. This schedule will be updated throughout the semester, and generally speaking, the further from present the topic is, the more likely it is to change.

Mondays Wednesdays Fridays
Introduction & Overview hci dev HW1 released Web Page Structure: HTML dev Pre-doing Studio 1 Pre-doing
Learnability hci HW2 released Graphic Design design HW1 due Studio 2 Pre-reading
Tuesday Efficiency hci HW3 released Foundational Concepts of CSS dev Pre-doing HW2 due Studio 3
Safety hci HW4 released More Foundational Concepts of CSS dev Pre-doing HW3 due Studio 4
Heuristic Evaluation hci HW5 released Layout dev design HW4 due Studio 5
Prototyping and User Testing hci HW6 released Universal Web Design hci dev HW5 due Studio 6
Introduction to modern JS dev Pre-reading HW7 released Events dev Pre-reading HW6 due Studio 7
No class (Spring Break) No class (Spring Break) No class (Spring Break)
Design Patterns hci HW8 released Functional JS dev Pre-reading HW7 due Studio 8
Asynchronous JS dev HW9 released Typography design HW8 due Studio 9
No class (Patriot’s Day) Color design HW9 due HW10 released Studio 10
Web APIs dev HW11 released Animation & Feedback hci dev design HW10 due Studio 11
Component-driven Development dev HW12 released Data Visualization hci HW11 due Studio 12
Web Standards Work Time HW12 due HW13 released Studio 13
Course Reflection HW13 due